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 Divnogorsk Low-Voltage Automatic Circuit-Breakers Works

ОАО «Дивногорский завод низковольтных автоматов» - один из лидеров электротехнической промышленности, крупнейший производитель низковольтного оборудования в России, расположен в городе Дивногорске, в 30 км от Красноярска.

The enterprise produces a wide range of low-voltage equipment:

  • automatic circuit breakers for the currents of 0.5 to 630 A: series ВА57-31, ВА57-35, ВА57-39, ВА61-29, А3700, АЕ2040 and differential circuit-breaker DA29;
  • complete devices for the electrical energy reception, distribution, control and metering both of standard design and under customer’s individual circuit diagram: cabinets ЩО70, ПР, ВРУ; boxes: РУСМ, Я5000, ЯУО, ЯВК, ЯТП; boards: ЩРО, ЩО, ЩЭ, ЩК, ЩУР, ЩГ and mine electrical equipment: ПРН, ВРН, ВРП.

The works constantly increases the range of its products. The work on the technical re-equipment reconstruction and automation of production is carried out.

Regions of the works’ cooperation are the whole territory of Russia, neighbouring and foreign countries. Among our permanent customers there are enterprises of oil and gas industry, communications, mining industry, power industry and metallurgical works.

The works is honoured with a great number of awards and prizes, such as: the State prize “For the creation of integrated safety system to prevent electrical injuries and fires from electrical installations”; “The Gold Quality Mark of the XXI century” of the exhibition-contest “All-Russian Brand”; honorary diplomas of a winner of the contests “The Best Personnel Service”, “Leader of Environmental Activity”, “For the Achievements on Environmental Protection”; the international honorary prize “Economic Development Leader of Russia” in nomination “Leader of Economic Growth”; diplomas and medals of branch exhibitions.
The automatic circuit-breaker BA57-35, produced by JSC “Divnogorsk Low-Voltage Automatic Circuit-Breakers Works”, is marked by the brand “100 Best Goods of Russia” and the company is honoured with a title of Diplomant of the program “100 Best Goods of Russia”.




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